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Why Wedding Insurance

In today’s litigious culture, the risk of getting sued is around every corner. Sure you have carefully planned every detail of your special day, right down to the last rose petal. However, you did not plan on your Uncle Harry drinking a little too much and while driving home get in a serious automobile accident or your best friend slipping and breaking her arm while dancing to the love shack. Let’s face it, accidents do and can happen. Who do you think the insurance company, your Uncle Harry or best friend is going to come after to pay? Unfortunately, they come after you. So protect yourself with one of our three wedding event insurance plans. By purchasing wedding insurance in California from Cover My Events, you will get peace of mind that if something unplanned happens, you are protected.

Why Buy Wedding Insurance from Cover My Events

Cover My Events is looking out for you. We have carefully crafted 3 wedding insurance plans that offer you excellent protection from the unexpected. We did our homework, any 3 of the plan options we offer will meet or exceed the strictest venue requirements.

We designed our entire company with You in mind. Our website is simple, easy to use and beautiful. Like my dad always says “You never know if you like your insurance company until you need them.” If you need us, we will be there for you. Our client services team is always available to answer any questions and help you buy your wedding insurance policy. Also our 24/7 claims team will promptly assist you if something happens. No matter what, we will stand by you and see the process through, start to finish. Relax we’ve got your covered!

Wedding Insurance Myths