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Cover My Events is America’s premier wedding event insurance specialists. We are a team of licensed professionals with two decades of experience in the insurance industry, who are committed to taking the stress out of buying wedding and event insurance. We have provided thousands of certificates of insurance for weddings across the country and know exactly what your venue is looking for. Our unique and easy to use platform allows each couple and event host to choose from three comprehensive event insurance plans that will meet or exceed their venue’s insurance requirements. We have taken the same care and thought to every detail as you have with your event.


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What We Do

Our passion and focus lie in building custom wedding insurance packages that protect both the couple and the venue they select to host their ceremony. But we don’t stop there. We strive to offer only the highest quality wedding insurance in America and do it at the most competitive prices! Let’s face it, buying insurance (especially wedding insurance) is not something we love to do, but it is critical to making sure we protect ourselves. It’s not sexy, easy to understand or fun. It is our hope, that after using Cover My Events you feel different about the current boring and outdated process used by other wedding insurance websites. Our state-of-the-art website delivers a one of kind experience that makes the event insurance buying process simple, easy and fast!

With our policies, we add a personal touch and flare that is missing in today’s wedding insurance industry. For example, we know all of the venues that require wedding insurance in America. The majority of those venues have specific limits, coverages and endorsements they require for any host renting their facility. We have contracted with several local venues in providing three affordable and high quality wedding insurance packages accepted 99% of the time.

We provide event liability insurance for a multitude of special events including but not limited to weddings, corporate functions, anniversaries, concerts, farmer’s markets, community events, sporting events and much more. Can’t find what you are looking for? Just ask us and we will be happy to customize a quote for you today!

Our Founders


Alissa Medeiros

CA Lic #0K09791

Alissa Medeiros is the Owner of Cover My Events, the country’s leading wedding insurance brokerage headquartered in Rocklin, CA. Her leadership and vision for CME stem from skills she developed while working with Nordstrom, Starbucks and Chanel. Her attention to detail and passion for delivering the best user experience, is the foundation for Cover My Events success.


Eddie Medeiros

CA Lic #0F85919

Eddie is the VP of Operations for Cover My Events. He began his insurance career in 2007 to become recognized as a leader in commercial insurance. Eddie prides himself on delivering exceptional service to all his clients and mentoring his peers.

Eddie and Alissa are happily involved raising their two daughters. In their spare time, they enjoy boating and traveling.

Our Story

Jeremiah Family Vineyards hosts hundreds of weddings a year and has become the area’s most popular wedding destination. During a risk management review, we encouraged the owner Jeremiah to make it a requirement that all his wedding couples purchase event liability insurance to protect both his winery and themselves. A few months later we received a call that the Bride’s uncle fell and broke his ribs during a weekend wedding. Jeremiah feared a lawsuit was on the horizon and so did the wedding couple. I calmed him by reminding Jeremiah that his host was required to purchase wedding insurance and that policy should be enough to protect everyone. Unfortunately, the wedding insurance policy that was purchased did not name Jeremiah Family Vineyards as an additional insured, which left Jeremiah exposed with no protection. Although there was no happy ending to Jeremiah’s situation, I couldn’t help but think…there has to be a better way to prevent this from happening again. Why did this happen in the first place? The most common error made when buying wedding insurance is not listing the venue as an additional insured by endorsement, and most couples do not know how much coverage to buy and often settle on lower limits than what is needed to protect everyone.

Those questions led us to create Cover My Events, the country’s only wedding insurance website that actually builds the correct event liability policy that protects both the wedding couple and the venues.

Cover My Events was born from helping a single client. We have taken our humble beginnings to the rest of the wedding industry and it is with that attitude, we continue our pursuit in providing the best policy and process available in the marketplace.

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